Tips On How To Enhance Your Best If Your Apple Shaped!

Are You Apple Shaped?

Before we get into tips, we just want to let everyone know, having an apple shape is not a bad thing. We are all created differently and that is the beauty of being you! Now that we have that out the way, let’s get into helping our apple shaped sisters dress their best!

Who would be classified as an apple shape?

A person who carries weight around their stomach and shoulders (upper portion of their body).

The following tips can help an apple shape plus size female enhance her fashion and style while flattering her figure!

  1. Full-length cardigans, kimonos or jackets are great for plus size apple shaped ladies! They camouflage well and try to opt for a bright color or print to bring some flare to your outfit!
  2. When wearing skinny jeans or leggings, opt for a loose fit- flowing tunic.
  3. Button downs are great for apple shape but make sure it fits properly across the stomach and bust.

Check out some pieces from our closet that will enhance and flatter our apple shape ladies!

jungle kimono in plus

Mustard Cardigan in Plus

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