Superbowl 2018...Wins and Losses...Eagles Win! Justin Timberlake (not so much)

Superbowl 2018! First let us just say we at EnChantes Closet Plus Size Boutique are kicking ourselves in the ass for not taking the 1 1/2 hour drive to Philadelphia, PA lol We know it was definitely a sight to see lastnight! We did however, venture out locally and had a chance to enjoy the luxury of bar food and some cocktails (we dont do beer) while watching the Superbowl! We want to congratulate the Philadelphia Eagles on their win! The city of brotherly love definitely pulled it together yesterday in the support of their home team and we even saw the support for Meek Mills spilling over! Do you think Meek Mills sentencing made an impact on why the eagles won? (We kind of do..Shhh) That is the type of support we need to see all the time for and from our people! 

Ok, lets talk about half-time! There were talks prior to the Superbowl regarding Justin Timberlake and him bringing out Prince hologram. And yes, he did! How do you guys feel about that? We At EnChantes Closet Plus Size Boutique have mixed feelings because we actually liked some of the tribute reasons: 1. It was Prince hometown 2. We loved how they changed the arena and surrounding areas to purple in dedication to him 3. That is all! After reviewing some post, articles and comments regarding the disdain and reasons why we can definitely understand why some would feel a way!

Memories of South Street, Love Park, Maxis Cheesesteak, Benjamin Franklin Bridge, The Arenas, and not to mention one of our #ECBAngels Brand Ambassador (Barika) we have an undying love for Philadelphia aka Philly!  

(we are by no means professional bloggers or writers)

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