Plus Size Visuals We Love!

My Loves! How have you been? Hope you are having a fabulous new year! 
This blog segment (which I think will be a monthly segment) is called "Plus Size Visuals We Love". When we browse social media for inspiration, to see what our plus size influencers and bloggers are up to, and to view pictures/post from our followers and others from all over the world, we sometimes find "Visual Art" odd or interesting pictures, art and drawings (which we love). "Visual art” includes art forms such as drawing, painting, sculpture, crafts, printmaking, and photography. Visual art may also be used to describe art produced by digital means. Animation, film, and graphic design can be considered visual artVisuals are most important when you are trying to get the attention of someone or a group in whole. They tell a story and can be interpreted many different ways. Its even better when its represented in plus size form! Take a look at some of our findings this week!

plus size visualsplus size visualsplus size visuals

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