Plus Size Travels, Curvy Photoshoots with Jemmel McDuffie , and did "DaRealBBJudy" really wear one of our outfits?!!

We at EnChantes Closet Plus Size Boutique write our blogs as if we are having a normal conversation amongst our best friends- sipping wine, eating chicken and let’s not forget the fruit (because health is wealth) with SZA, H.E.R or Bey playing in the background. We consider every plus size and curvy woman we come in contact whether it be through purchases, reading our blogs, liking a picture, our just leaving a comment, as part of OUR family! We are by no means journalist or expert bloggers, so please forgive us for our kitchen talk. Can we let our hair done for a minute?

EnChantes Closet Boutique has been very busy for the past month! Oh no, we are not complaining, just grateful for all of the opportunities and blessings that came and CONTINUE to come our way! We attended a business seminar in NYC held by the lovely “DaRealBBJudy” a.k.a Jessica Dupart, who is such a sweetheart and so down to earth! We traveled to Chicago had a small private pop-up shop and we also got a chance to explore Chi-Town a bit! We will definitely be back (for business and pleasure). We participated in a small local vending event geared towards women, and finally got our ECBSisters on the same schedule to do a photo shoot! Do you know how hard that was?! We all have jobs, families, children, unpredictable weather, and a photographer to work around our craziness, it was nearly impossible! But our girls got it together, pulled through and looked so fab!

In between changes and the chaos (because that’s how we operate) I received a video DM from “DaRealBBJudy” wearing one of our jumpsuits! I could’ve just died at that moment! I had to replay the video again just to make sure I wasn’t dreaming! So Im up here screaming “Yassss Bitch Yassss!!!” and tried to send it to the rest of the ECBSisters and the video disappeared! I think my heart stopped for like 5 seconds! I’m telling you I was dead! After I came back to life, I DM’d Judy back with sadness in my heart and told her the video had vanished! We continued on with the photoshoot (sidebar: I want to thank our photographer Jemmel McDuffie a.ka. Mel #m3ll0 #m3ll0drama look up his work, for putting up with 4-5 females and our hectic ways!

Finally, after 3 hours of changing, laughs, dying/ coming back to life, and sips of wine, notifications from Instagram was popping up back to back. I go to check the page and I see “DaRealBBJudy” tagged our IG business page: @shop_enchantescloset wearing our outfit! I inform the ECBSisters, and now we are all in the room screaming “Yasssss Yasssss”! What to do after a successful photoshoot, face still flawless and a mention from one of the top social media personalities wearing your outfit? Go out and celebrate! And that’s what we did!

This past weekend has been one of the best in our plus size business journey. We are forever grateful to Ms. Jessica Dupart, our photographer Jemmel, our new and old customers and followers, and to each of the ECBSisters who want EnChantes Closet Boutique to succeed by any means necessary! Make sure you check out some photos below of our journey!

Love you all! 

CEO of EnChantes Closet Boutique



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  • Felicia Barton

    OMG! wow, they all are looking cute and ravishing. Plus size fashion modeling is now the craze of every plus size women and this is a very competition. Events like this must be organized more often.

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