How Can A Plus Size Woman Wear Stripes And Patterns So Effortlessly? Let Us Show You!

Yes, our curvy girls are making it happen and are no longer afraid to try bold prints, patterns and dare I say stripes! We got tired of the stigma that caused us to be shameful of our bodies and hide! We are out here living our best life and looking good might I add!

Let’s call this summer “The Summer of Trends” lol Stripes made its way back like it never left, neon also made a comeback and various prints/ patterns you will see grace the pavement as you are walking in your local downtown area or attending a day party! And guess what? Our plus size ladies are winning the race!

As you know, we at EnChantes Closet Plus Size Boutique love fabulous, trendy, statement pieces and made sure we had some in our closet for our ECBAngels! We dabbled in paisley, stripes, and other bold prints to give the summer LIFE!

Here are some of our Popular Customers Picks Below:

Our Lucky Stripe Me plus Size Skirt (shown below) came to life and served 2 purposes! Great investment as it can be worn as a dress or a long peplum skirt! The choice is yours!





Our Mazei Print Jumpsuit w/ Ruffles in plus size (shown below) is also making a big statement this summer! This on trend jumpsuit is bold in print and color and will sure to light up any party you attend!





Our Lover of Stripe Pants in Plus Size are selling so fast! (shown below) Recommended for women over 5’10 tall! We have received so many great reviews and emails regarding these pants! Loose comfortable relaxed fit!



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