Essence Street Style Broke Our Plus Size Vending Virginity!


We haven’t connected in a while but I promise you we have been busy trying to make a mark in this ! We have some exciting news to share with you! We ended our summer off with a big bang! Yessssss…A HUGE BANG!!!! We took our entrepreneurship up a notch and became a vendor at “The Essence Street Style Fair” which was located in Brooklyn, NY! We still get excited just thinking about the big leap we accomplished! And we didn’t know vending would be so chaotic (always use to being on the consumer side of a finished product or event), but arriving almost 7:30 am, we got to see first-hand the beginning of a successful event (despite weather) all the way until it was time to pack up the vans, trucks and cars. First and foremost, we want to thank our #ecbsisters Laticia and Barika for always being apart of the team and coming through for EnChantes Closet Plus Size Boutique no matter the time, date or place! These women are a treasure and we are so thankful they are helping us along this journey! Love you guys!

Our journey to vend at “Essence Street Style”…..Finally arriving to the venue, Duggal GreenHouse, Brooklyn, NY, we were big eyed and anxious! Looking at all the volunteers/workers directing traffic, all the entrepreneurs (big and small) unloading their cars, vans and trucks was literally a site to see. I thought to myself “OMG! This is really a big a deal!” (Sometimes things hit you right in the mist of it all) We met with the coordinator and she showed us our spot. Let’s just say the spot was not able to showcase our plus size closet properly while accommodating our plus size consumers. Luckily we arrived on time because there were plenty of spots still available. So we took a spot at the front of the venue, as soon as you come..BAM! We were in your face! We were finally able to set up and get our lives together just in time for the opening!

Lights, camera, and action! OMG! There were so many different people there! The styles and uniqueness was a sight to see! And guess what? We were the only vendor who sold “Plus Size Only Clothing”! We met so many wonderful people! And our plus size women were out! We were embraced by many and we had such a good experience for this being our first time! We took pictures with people and met other small businesses with unique talents and products.

This experience was like no other and we would definitely be vending at other "Essence" events so stay tuned! Check out some pictures from the event and let us know what you think!

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    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • Nay

    this was such a great event. those strip pants with the peplum is really cute.

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