EnChantes Closet Plus Size Mexico Takeover!

Cancun, Mexico Plus Size TakeOver!


Hey my ecbangels! Sorry Ive been M.I.A but I promise I will make it up to you! Some of my ecs sisters and I took a much needed vacation to Cancun, Mexico! You guys really don’t know how much I needed this break! It recharged my whole life! Lol I am now recharged and clear minded to continue on with my entrepreneurship journey and all the other journeys we women are destined for (career, family, health, and etc).  WE HAD A BLAST! And of course we made time to do a mini photo shoot lol

My bestie and I flew united and were escorted to our gate via the transportation mobile lol Lazy? Maybe, but I call it being plus size, extra and fabulous! We had breakfast at the airport and along with a slice of lemon cake and vanilla chai from starbucks to continue on the fabulousness on the plane. Once we arrived we were greeted by the resorts transportation and arrived at the sweet “Temptation Cancun Resort”. Upon arrival we were greeted by one of the hotel associates and taken to a room for V.I.P members only. We were served cocktails and pastries while receiving a mini tour of the ground facility. (Lovely resort but the associates could be a bit more attentive and friendly to customers)

Overall our getaway was wonderful! We got dolled up, glammed up, took advantage of the all-inclusive amenities, took advantage of all the unlimited food and drinks, along with room-service! We relaxed on the beach, parlayed in the swimming pool for hours on in and participated in the nightlife/ costume needed events! Hopefully all of my ECB Sisters can join in on the fun 2019! (I am putting it in the atmosphere)

Below Check out some of our photos from the trip and make sure to leave us a comment!

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    I want to go next time, here’s my email spayne1090@yahoo.com name is Stephanie…nice to meet you…

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