3 Amazing Tips For Plus Size Women To Treasure!

Golden Tips Of The Day
Hey Babes! We are not only a business; we are a society, “A Curvy Culture Society” where we help our plus size ladies in all aspects of fashion and style! We offer you the latest plus trends, as well as tips, suggestions and other golden nuggets to help you along the way! Today we gathered up some 3 tips of the trade to help you (our plus size diva) succeed in executing your personal style as best as you could!
EnChantes Closet Boutique Tips
 1. Conceal the belly, DO NOT HIDE IT
Let’s face it, all plus size women are not shaped the same. We need
Face reality and embrace what we currently have. Trying to hide your
Mid-section 90% of times usually result in an unflattering look by making
you look bigger and out unappealing. What we suggest is working with what you have and try to present in the best was possible.We suggest high-waist shape-wear shorts  to smooth out most kinks and give your mid-section a smoother more conformed look under your outfit.
Lane Bryant Cacique Shapewear Le Crema Midi Dress
2.  When in Doubt, Choose a Fit and Flare Dress
When you are not sure what to wear and are in between sizes or not feeling that confident in your body at the moment, you can’t go wrong with a fit and flare dress! This type of dress looks good on any body type and every woman should have at least 1 or 2 in her closet. Check out our fit and flare “Devlyn Stripe Dress”
https://www.enchantescloset.com/products/devlyn-stripe-dress-plus available in our closet today!
Devlyn Stripe Dress
 3. Prints And Patterns Are Fun
Myth has it that plus size women should not wear prints or patterns! Wrong! You need to play with different types of prints and patterns! If you haven’t noticed animal prints are in for this season! Leopard, Zebra, snake and so much more! I encourage every plus size female to go out right now and purchase some animal print! Some of us go beyond and wear a full animal print dress, while some would like to dabble with a splash such as a shirt or a jacket. Depending on your style and what makes you feel comfortable you can definitely find something in the animal family that will flatter your shape and make you feel confident and sexy! Check out our “Animal Ambition Collection” (picture below)
Animal Ambition "Zebra" Dress     Animal Ambition "Leopard" Dress

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