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Hey my loves! Hope your week is going great!

Did you get a chance to watch the Grammy Awards? Umm, yeah…It was very interesting to say the least. But of course the fashion at these events never disappoints! So we will be showing you our favorite styles of the event!

And, you know what?! I’m just going to skip over all the light talk and get straight to who thought won big, who deserved their winning (despite unpopular opinion) and a small lesson to take home for everyone!

Check out some of the fashions from the weekend! 


(check out pictures below)

Ok, so we believe and stand by this! Our 2 top favorite awards winners were Cardi-B and H.E.R! Cardi-B won for Best Rap Album and (also the first solo rap woman to win best rap album alone).  Our sisters (including myself) here at ECBoutique were rooting for her all the way! So many people can relate to her background and story you can’t help but to give her the props she deserve. Unpolished and unapologetically her, she always remained true to herself and never switched up or folded under pressure of the industry. She is so authentic and no matter what obstacles or a problem arises for her, she seems to always rise above and come out better than ever. The lesson we embraced from Cardi is “Don’t matter where you are from or how you started, always remain true to yourself and keep on pushing towards your goals! You don’t have to change because of society and what people think is appropriate on how you should act or say!”

Hate her or love her, she is definitely not going anywhere any time soon! Congrats Cardi-B!

Cardi-B Grammy 2019

H.E.R known for her neo-soul vibe (comparison to L. Hill and those alike) won for Best R&B Album of The Year and Best R&B Performance. She took a totally different approach in her rise to fame. She basically let her music shine while keeping herself a mystery. When I particularly heard one of her songs for the first time, I was in heaven! I had to know who the person behind this sultry voice was. She makes you want to turn the lights low, burn some incents/sage, and mellow out with some wine! A force to be reckoned with, she is stamping her name through the industry and is not slowing down anytime soon!

H.E.R Grammy 2019

If you haven’t already, check out these two ladies and their work! Your soulful side and ratchet side will both be fulfilled!

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